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We are a Non-Profit organization, incorporated in the State of Texas, US and currently focused on serving the Students in the US and India. Our organization is bound to set of policies and ByLaws, to which we comply.

Our Promise

To provide the Right Education and Develop the Skills of our beneficiaries, that would enhance their lives and empower the world.

Our Team

A volunteer group of Students, Teachers, Artists, Environmentalists, Scientists, Technicians, Social-lancers, CxOs, Corporate Executives and other Nonprofit Organizations committed towards Education and Skill Development reforms.

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EduRight Foundation needs your support via Donations to Educate the Underpreviliged and Develop Skills for our Future Generation.

The orgin of EduRight Foundation dates back to the year 1999, when we felt the necessity of a change in current education system and to overcome the economic inabilities that prevented a Student in pursuing his/her desired Higher Education. In this journey we found few are neither able to pursue their Education nor enhance their Skills and falling apart due to lack of support.

A group of like-minded individuals have formed this Nonprofit Foundation to support the Right Education and Skill Development system.

To Educate the Underprivileged with Right Skills, which helps the Students in terms of Employability, Entrepreneurship and make them a true Global Citizen...

We seek your continual support to Accomplish this Mission to bring a vibrant change to our society...

Our Activities focus on Giving Back to the Community

  • EduRight Foundation Provides Financial Aide for Economically Underprivileged Children in continuing their Education.
  • EduRight Foundation is involved in Developing the Skills for Students and Youth.
  • Shoulder with other Nonprofit Organizations, Education Institutes who work towards acheiving similar Cause.
  • Q: Who are the beneficiaries of EduRight Financial Aide Program & Skill Development Programs?
  • Ans: Our beneficiaries are the Students of low family income for our Financial Aide Program & all Students for Skill Development Programs.
  • Q: Are you a registered Nonprofit Organization & Am I eligible for tax exemption on my donations to EduRight Foundation, Inc.?
  • Ans: Yes, we are registered as an Incorporation in the State of Texas and currently in the process of obtaining IRS 501(c)(3) status. This makes our US based donors eligible for tax exemptions.
  • Please feel free to Contact Us for further questions.

How Can We Help

a cause!

EduRight Foundation, Inc. truly believes in supporting Education and Skill Development causes. We need your help to bring a positive change into the young minds, who can be an integral part of the society.

How we Mobilize our Services

  • Reaching out to Volunteers & Donors like you
  • Execute the Cause through Volunteers & Donors Help
  • Community Reach Out to other Nonprofits & Education Instititues
  • Conduct Annual Events to achieve the Cause
  • Open to New Ideas
  • Conduct Fund-rising Events
  • Passion towards the Cause

How we support our beneficiaries

EduRight Financial Aid Program provides financial assistance to underprivileged children in continuing their School, Diploma, 3 years Under Graduate Degree Educations through our donations in the US and India. Our Board of Members will analyze the pool of financial aid requests and award the qualified students, based on the annual budgets and if they satisfy the below criteria;

  • Low Family Income
  • Zeal to Learn
  • Passion towards Empowerment
  • Future Community Commitments
  • Fill out the Application Form to see whether you qualify for EduRight Financial Aid program

Our Volunteers

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This last point is important because there are some who advocate for the cause and we would would like to join hands with them...

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